Expanding the Promise in 2020

LA College Promise Works is a new jobs and career readiness program for LA College Promise students.

LACP Works provides LACP students with a dedicated team of career coaches to help them navigate on-campus career resources, as well as City of LA, County, and off-campus jobs programs.

LACP Works also offers more than 500 paid opportunities, as well as special programming and career workshops for students to level up their skills.

Los Angeles College Promise - Works
Find Your Calling, Level Up Your Skills, Get Placed Into Paid Opportunities

A New Jobs and Career Program Just For you

Find your calling, expand your skills, get placed into a paid opportunity - discover how LA College Promise Works can help you start the career of your dreams while pursuing your education. LA College Promise students can learn more about LA College Promise Works by contacting their campus LA College Promise success coach or counselor.

A Special Thanks to Our Partners

Los Angeles College Promise Works is a partnership between the Los Angeles Community College District, the Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Mayor’s Fund for LA, and the City of LA’s Workforce Development System.